Because everyone hates Mondays... except with free shipping!  Use code FREEMONDAYS on Mondays to get free shipping.

Because everyone hates Mondays... except with free shipping! Use code FREEMONDAYS on Mondays for free shipping,

Our Story

Greetings, art enthusiasts and curious souls! I’m Maggie Deall, the heart and soul behind The Little Yellow House Gallery & Studio, a haven of creativity that unfolded its vibrant story in May 2021. Before diving into the world of art, I spent years in the NSW Police, but my passion for fostering community and creativity led me to open the doors of this special space.

The gallery has become a flourishing community of over thirty incredible women artists, all hailing from our beautiful Riverina in NSW. My commitment to showcasing local talent runs deep, and every piece you find here is a testament to the unique spirit of our region. From original artworks to prints, and a carefully curated selection of homewares, including cushions, lampshades, coasters, and handmade jewellery, each item tells a story of our local artisans.

Step into our little yellow house, and you’ll discover more than just a gallery – you’ll find a large studio space pulsating with creative energy. Workshops and kids’ classes are not just about art; they’re about the transformative power of creativity, which I deeply believe serves as therapy and is beneficial to mental health. This belief is woven into every stroke on our canvases.

Beyond the studio walls, our art extends into the digital realm. We sell our pieces online, reaching art enthusiasts far and wide. Yet, The Little Yellow House Gallery & Studio is not just about transactions; it’s about connections. Everyone is welcome here, whether you’re an art connoisseur or just seeking a friendly chat. Come on in, have a cuppa, and immerse yourself in the magic of art – a powerful force that heals, inspires, and brings communities together.

My focus has always been on fostering a sense of community and creating a safe space for everyone who walks through our doors. It’s more than just a gallery; it’s a place where friendships blossom, ideas flourish, and creativity finds its home. Join us in celebrating the beauty of art, the strength of community, and the warmth of a welcoming cuppa.

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