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Because everyone hates Mondays... except with free shipping! Use code FREEMONDAYS on Mondays for free shipping,

Whispering Meadows Textile Art | Alpaca & Silk by Australian artist Fiona Durman


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Textile Art Piece: “Whispering Meadows”

“Whispering Meadows” by Ashculme Textiles is a stunning representation of the serene and natural beauty of the Australian landscape. Fiona Durman, an expert in her craft, begins with hand-reared alpaca wool, which she meticulously gathers and cleans. This pure wool is then dyed using natural bush leaves and foliage, resulting in a palette of earthy tones that reflect the hues of the outback.

The dyed wool is spun with fine silk threads, creating a delicate and strong fabric. This blend of materials is woven into a pattern that evokes the gentle waves and subtle movements of the meadows. The intricacy of the weave is showcased beautifully, as the piece is framed between glass panels. This framing technique not only protects the artwork but also enhances the visibility of every detailed thread, allowing the viewer to fully appreciate the craftsmanship involved.

“Whispering Meadows” captures the essence of the Australian outback, offering a piece of nature’s tranquility and beauty that can be admired in any setting. The natural materials and organic dyes used in this artwork make it a unique and timeless piece that connects deeply with the environment it represents. 18.5cm x 23.5cm.

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