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Because everyone hates Mondays... except with free shipping! Use code FREEMONDAYS on Mondays for free shipping,

Three Wise Ewe’s | Original Australian art on canvas by Donna Brown


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“Three Wise Ewes” by Donna Brown is a charming and evocative depiction of three sheep, capturing their serene yet inquisitive nature. The painting features the ewes standing closely together, their thick, woolly coats rendered in intricate detail. The earthy tones of their wool contrast beautifully with the warm, ochre background, creating a harmonious and inviting composition.

The expressions on the faces of the ewes are thoughtfully portrayed, each one exuding a sense of wisdom and calmness. The artist’s use of light and shadow adds depth and texture to the wool, making it appear almost tangible. The gentle curves and lines of the composition guide the viewer’s eye across the painting, allowing them to appreciate the subtle beauty of these humble creatures.

“Three Wise Ewes” is a celebration of pastoral life and the quiet dignity of sheep. It’s a perfect piece for those who find beauty in simplicity and the gentle rhythms of rural life. This artwork would bring warmth and character to any space, serving as a reminder of the serene beauty found in nature. This one is 61cm x 91cm – float framed in Australian hardwood and ready to hang.


All artworks are hand painted original works by artists located in the Riverina NSW.

The artworks are created using artist quality materials and all are ready to hang in your home or office.


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