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Because everyone hates Mondays... except with free shipping! Use code FREEMONDAYS on Mondays for free shipping,

Golden Series – Gloria | Original art, float framed on stretched canvas


Maggie Deall’s still life painting presents a delicate yet striking composition featuring a vase with purple flowers against a golden backdrop. The green vase, with its gradient from dark green to white, sits on a patterned surface adorned with stylized floral motifs in warm tones. The flowers, painted in various shades of pink and purple, extend gracefully from the vase, their feathery texture adding a sense of lightness and elegance. The use of a bold purple shadow to the right of the vase introduces a modern, almost abstract element that contrasts with the more traditional rendering of the flowers and vase. The golden background shimmers softly, enhancing the rich colors and adding a touch of sophistication to the piece.

Maggie’s careful attention to detail and her skillful use of color and light create a harmonious and visually captivating still life that exudes both simplicity and refinement. It is float framed in oak and 64cm x 64cm.



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