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Because everyone hates Mondays... except with free shipping! Use code FREEMONDAYS on Mondays for free shipping,

Feathered Elegance necklace | Original Indigenous jewellery by Debbie Wood


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The “Feathered Elegance Necklace” is a stunning creation by Gomeroi artist Debbie Wood, featured in her acclaimed “The NAIDOC Collection.” This exquisite necklace showcases Wood’s mastery of traditional weaving techniques, combined with the natural beauty of raffia, emu feathers, and quandong seeds.

The intricate design of this necklace is a testament to the artist’s dedication to preserving cultural heritage while creating contemporary art. The base of the necklace is woven from natural raffia, forming a delicate yet sturdy framework. The pendant features a series of interlocking circles, each carefully crafted to showcase the texture and natural color variations of the raffia. The use of emu feathers adds a touch of elegance and movement, creating a dynamic visual effect that captures the essence of traditional Gomeroi artistry.

The incorporation of quandong seeds, known for their cultural significance and natural beauty, enhances the necklace’s aesthetic appeal and connects it to the land and heritage of the Gomeroi people. These seeds are not only decorative but also symbolize the deep connection to nature and the sustainable practices that are integral to First Nations cultures.

As part of “The NAIDOC Collection,” the “Feathered Elegance Necklace” aligns with the 2024 NAIDOC Week theme “Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud & Proud.” This theme celebrates the resilience and vibrancy of First Nations cultures, and this necklace is a beautiful representation of these enduring traditions.

The “Feathered Elegance Necklace” is perfect for those who appreciate jewelry that carries a profound cultural meaning. Whether worn as a statement piece or displayed as a work of art, this necklace brings a piece of Gomeroi heritage and artistic excellence into any collection. By owning this necklace, you are supporting the continuation of First Nations artistry and celebrating the rich traditions of the Gomeroi people.


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