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Because everyone hates Mondays... except with free shipping! Use code FREEMONDAYS on Mondays for free shipping,

Jacqueline De Tessier Artist

Jacqueline’s artistic inclination manifested at an early age, but the twists and turns of life intervened, momentarily diverting her from her passion. Her artistic skills evolved through a combination of personal experimentation and attending workshops until she made the decision to return to formal studies.

During this educational journey, Jacqueline unearthed a deep-seated passion for portraiture using pencil and charcoal. Presently, she embraces a diverse range of mediums, including acrylics, oils, and watercolors, finding joy in exploring various subjects that both challenge and inspire her, particularly those she has not attempted before.

This adventurous spirit has resulted in a rich diversity in Jacqueline’s portfolio, spanning landscapes, flowers, animals, still life, portraiture, and experimental abstracts. Jacqueline appreciates the ever-evolving nature of art, emphasizing that there is always something new to discover and learn within this dynamic and enriching creative realm.

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