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Introducing Donna Brown: An Australian Artist Celebrating Nature’s Beauty

Donna Brown, an exceptional Australian artist renowned for her captivating depictions of wildlife. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for nature, Donna brings her subjects to life on canvas, inviting viewers to explore the beauty and intricacies of the animal kingdom. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to four of her stunning animal paintings: “Bruce,” “Three Wise Ewes,” “Felix,” and “Eddie.”

Donna is a self-taught artist who lives on a farming property with her husband near the small town of Goolgowi in the Riverina, between Griffith and Hillston. Having had an appreciation for art since she was very young, Donna was inspired by a talented friend for many years before giving painting a go herself in 2019. At that time, the farm was suffering from drought, and Donna found relief in painting. It also gave her a purpose, as their three daughters had all grown up, and Donna was suffering from the dreaded ‘empty nest syndrome’!

Having always lived on the land and produced and shown horses most of her life, Donna’s subjects, consequently, are mostly farm animals and horses. “Molbrook” was the name of Donna’s stud prefix when breeding horses, so that’s where the name came from – “Molbrook Art.”

Donna paints using acrylics and loves adding detail to bring her subjects to life on the canvas. Thus, giving her subjects a personality and a soul. Her passion for the land and her love for animals is evident in her paintings.

Bruce: The Majestic Hereford Bull

“Bruce” is a striking portrayal of a Hereford bull, capturing the strength and nobility of this magnificent creature. Donna’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the textured fur, the gleam of Bruce’s eyes, and the subtle nuances of light and shadow that bring this powerful animal to life. The neutral background allows Bruce’s commanding presence to take center stage, making this painting a captivating addition to any space. It’s a testament to Donna’s ability to capture the raw beauty of rural life with remarkable realism.

Three Wise Ewes: A Celebration of Pastoral Life

In “Three Wise Ewes,” Donna beautifully captures the serene and inquisitive nature of three sheep standing closely together. Their thick, woolly coats are rendered in exquisite detail, contrasting harmoniously with the warm, ochre background. The thoughtful expressions on the ewes’ faces exude a sense of wisdom and calmness, making this painting a charming tribute to the quiet dignity of pastoral life. Donna’s skillful use of light and shadow adds depth and texture, making the wool appear almost tangible.

Felix: The Enigmatic Red Fox

“Felix” is a captivating portrait of a red fox, showcasing Donna’s talent for bringing wildlife to life on canvas. Set against a dark, moody background, Felix’s vibrant red and white fur stands out, highlighting the fox’s intelligence and enigmatic charm. The piercing eyes and alert expression of Felix draw the viewer in, creating a sense of connection with this elusive creature. Donna’s masterful use of color and light enhances the dramatic effect, making Felix a stunning focal point in any art collection.

Eddie: The Iconic Emu

“Eddie” captures the unique character and striking appearance of an emu, one of Australia’s most iconic birds. Against a rich, green background, Eddie’s intricate feathers are meticulously detailed, showcasing the complexity and beauty of his plumage. The expressive eyes and curious tilt of Eddie’s head convey a sense of personality, making this painting a delightful representation of Australia’s unique wildlife. Donna’s ability to bring her subjects to life with remarkable realism and emotion is evident in every brushstroke.


Donna Brown’s artwork is a celebration of the natural world, capturing the essence and beauty of wildlife with stunning realism. Her paintings, “Bruce,” “Three Wise Ewes,” “Felix,” and “Eddie,” are a testament to her incredible talent and deep connection with nature. Each piece invites viewers to appreciate the intricacies and charm of these magnificent creatures, making them perfect additions to any art collection. We invite you to explore Donna’s work and experience the captivating world of wildlife through her eyes. Whether you are an art collector or simply an admirer of original Australian art, Donna Brown’s pieces offer a unique and beautiful perspective on the natural world.

Introducing Donna Brown: An Australian Artist Celebrating Nature’s Beauty

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